Artist Bio

James Mulvey is an American Singer-Songwriter, and Guitarist. Born on the East Coast, raised in the Midwest, Mulvey eventually made his way the west coast to record his solo debut E.P. “Waste It Well” followed by “Fast Friends” E.P. recorded with his band The Beachwolves.

Mulvey began writing and recording songs during his college years at DePaul University where he says he was “exposed to influential members of the Chicago music scene.” Upon graduating, Mulvey formed a band called The Alleyways and recorded a full-length record before they disbanded in 2007. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Love” was self-released to critical acclaim amongst a small group of followers and local fans.

Frustrated and heartbroken, Mulvey toyed with the idea of resurrecting the band with new members but once settled in Los Angeles he quickly realized it was easier to let go of the past and produce new material under his own name.

The brand James Mulvey Music was born out of a need to express oneself without the limitations, egos, and drama that often comes with being part of a band.

The forthcoming E.P. “East Side Paradise” due out fall of 2017 is the latest effort by James Mulvey backed by a talented band he calls “The Knightwolves.” Thematically the forthcoming E.P follows in the footsteps of Mulvey’s earlier recordings by offering similar sonic textures of ‘post grunge’ and ‘singer-songwriter’ twang, however, Mulvey has stated he feels that this new record will be much more ‘focused sounding.’

Mulvey continues to write, record, and perform in Los Angeles, California where he lives with his Mustang, and 5 guitars. When he is not recording, writing, or performing he can be found supporting his local music scene or writing for Fast & Pretty, a Los Angeles based eZine he founded in 2017 in order to fuel his car addition.