Waste It Well

Inspired by post grunge era guitar bands, and 70s era ‘power pop’, “Waste It Well” is Mulvey’s first release as a solo independent artist. Recorded with a live band in Hollywood, California “Waste It Well” features overdriven guitars, catchy chorus’, and dark lyrics describing characters he frequently ran across living and working in the heart of LA’s entertainment industry.

The track “Vampire” is about the creative characters Mulvey attracted due to his ‘nice guy’ or slightly naive personality being so new to Los Angeles and not knowing who to trust, or confide in.

As Mulvey once said “It’s like they saw me coming, and took all my creative energy away until there was nothing else left to give. I had to cut ties. That is what “Vampire” is all about – people that emotionally drain you.”

“All Dressed Up” is a dark tale about abuse in all its forms and based on a true story of one of Mulvey’s best friends. Opening the song with the chorus introduces us to the character’s current reality, while the verses and pre-choruses give away her past and what she had endured.

“Electric Terrace” is perhaps the most upbeat, and introspective track on the EP offering incite into Mulvey’s ¬†internal dialogue revealing his playful, wanderlust-type of attitude towards life in Tinseltown; the song title itself was inspired by a lookout point high up in Laural Canyon he liked to drive to at night.

“Waste It Well is by far the darkest track symbolic of a chapter in Mulvey’s life that had just come to a close -trying hard to reconcile with feelings of failure without completely self-destructing, and spinning out into a hot mess.

Produced by Marco Ortoli, “Waste It Well” features appearances by Grant Jordan (drums), Derik Strang(drums), Jordan Shokrian(bass), Johnny Flower(bass), Josh Jove(guitar), and Owen Barry(guitar).